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Mercury is the pseudonym for Jason Porter. Since 2010, he has been fine tuning his sound under various other names, and now it is ready for the world to hear. By combining smooth melodies with pulsating chords and four-on-the-floor beats, Mercury's music is perfect for anyone who likes to dance. An accomplished singer and classical pianist, as well as a DJ and producer, his influences come from many directions, such as Kaskade and Avicii. Mercury aims to create music that can be enjoyed in any context, from a dance party to a study session.

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  • The Hero by #Mercury

    The Hero

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  • Razor - Single by #Mercury

    Razor - Single

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  • Breathe - Single by #Mercury

    Breathe - Single

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  • Pixel Love - EP by #Mercury

    Pixel Love - EP

  • Black & White - Single by #Mercury

    Black & White - Single